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What's for lunch?

Updated: Aug 4

At Origins we pride ourselves on our quality, nutritious food program. We provide children two healthful snacks each day, one mid-morning and one in the mid-afternoon, as well as a hot lunch. Food served to children is varied, nutritious and follows the food guide as recognized by Health Canada. Our lead chef spends time preparing food at both our centre on Burpee avenue and our Valley centre. She develops the menus, monitors consumption and works directly with parents on allergies and aversions. Our chef creates top-notch menus with dishes that satisfy, delight and push the boundaries of the child's palate which is so important in the early years. Below is a copy of our 4-week menu. In our facilities, menus are posted on the parent board with information regarding which specific week we are following at that time. Bon appétit!

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