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Health And Safety Policies


All Daycare centers must report, exclude and inform parent(s)/guardian(s) of any communicable disease(s), illness, infections and infestations, in accordance with the criteria set out in “Management of Illness in Children and Staff in New Brunswick Child Daycares”.  Please see copy attached.  It is required that parents/guardians wash your child’s hands on site before entering the play areas. Daycare Centers are required to ensure that staff and children follow hand washing procedures.  Hand washing is required upon arrival at Daycare, before meals, after toileting, diapering, and after outdoor play.

Administration of Medication

In the event that your child requires medication to be administered by the staff, you must complete a medications chart every day that it is required by your child.  A signed consent for the administration of medication must be present in your child’s file before we may comply with your instructions.  The medication must be provided in its original container with a child-protective cap and must be given directly to the staff.  The original container must also be identified with the dosage and the name of the child for whom the medication is intended.  It must have the name of the physician, instructions, and the time period of use printed on the container.  We will store the medication appropriately and out of the reach of the children.  The chart will also be signed by the staff member when the medicine is given.  We will not administer Tylenol, Advil, or Acetaminophen unless we observe a temperature to be controlled or have a Doctors note.  

Child Illnes and Exclusion Criteria

If your child is ill, they should remain at home.  If your child becomes ill in our care, you will be notified promptly and arrangements for pick up must be made.  If we cannot reach either parent, the emergency contact will be called.  The Department of Health mandates that all communicable conditions be addressed out of the facility and have set the criteria for acceptable exclusion times for these conditions.  These guidelines are posted for your review.  We will provide supervised care for a sick child in a designated area separate from other children until your child is picked up which must be within one hour of notification.  If your child must be excluded from Daycare due to illness, we will require a “Return after Exclusion” form to be signed.  We also require notification from you if your child will be absent for illness.

The Emergency Evacuation Plan

We do have an emergency evacuation plan in place and practice spontaneous fire drills on a monthly basis.  The evacuation plan is posted in the facility and is adhered to in all drills.  An alternate location in case of evacuation is Chateau Saint John located at 369 Rockland Road, Saint John.  Records of all fire drills are kept on file and are available to parents for their review upon request.  Regular fire inspections are done to insure our facility adheres to all the safety regulations and codes for a daycare facility.

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